The New Generation Wind Generator

Why Silentwind? Because it is whisper quiet compared to other small wind generators

The quietest, most powerful and best built small wind generator is available in Australia.

The SILENTWIND® wind generator from SPRECO offers maximum safety and efficiency with minimum noise emission. Designed by sailors for sailors in Germany and the world.

Whether it powers the batteries in a sailboat that is thousand of miles off land or

Wind energy is clean energy. No fossil fuels to mine or burn. No carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere.

Whatever energy the SILENTWIND creates is yours for free. No maintenance - great support - a great investment.

Replacement Whispering Blades for AIR X © and AIR Breeze © will make the AIR products quieter (70%) and more efficient.

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Silentwind News

Quality Pure Sine Wave Inverters with Battery Charger

If you need a very price competitive, quality pure sine wave inverter, 12v or 48v please let us know.

Wind Generator Blades can damage men and property when they start to disintegrate!

Graeme owns a beautiful 60 foot yacht s/v Gilly and the blades on his Air Marine wind generator disintegrated. Part of the blades hit very hard the teak deck. Like a knife throwing exercise. Luckily nobody was hurt. The blades can split your skull or hurt you.

Graeme replaced the blades with Silentwind blades. It worked beautifully however one could hear the noisy AIR Marine. Graeme decided to replace the whole unit with the Silentwind. The amount he paid for the blades, hub and nose cone were deducted from the purchase price. Graeme is now on the way to Fraser Island and he did let me know that Silentwind is working beautifully and is very quiet.

Silentwind offers maximum safety thanks to UV protected hand laminated carbon fiber blades.

They will never disintegrate.

How quiet is Silentwind compared to AIR Breeze?

Gareth K. installed a Silentwind wind generator and also bought a set of Silentwind blades with hub and nose cone for his existing AIR Breeze. Gareth is now in Fiji and he informed me that the Silentwind is much quieter. Now you can hear the bearings of the AIR Breeze using our blades. Silentwind rated output is 420w, AIR Breeze claims 200w. You will get more bang for your bucks investing in a Silentwind and will get the biggest advantage relatively QUIETNESS. Please see Pictures at the Gallery

Sustainable Energy Association of Australia

We are a member of Sustainable Energy Association of Australia

Myth about Solar Panels

Solar Panels are getting better and cheaper all the time. However there are certain facts about solar panels sales people never tell the customers.

Marine solar panels like all other panels are rated in terms of their output wattage and voltage.

The majority of solar panels are either Monocrystalline or Polycrystalline panels. The Monocrystalline panels have better peak performance but are shade sensitive and their output diminishes quickly on cloudy days. Polycrystalline panels have usually less output and are more cost effective and less sensitive to shade.

All solar panels best performance is when exposed below 25 degrees centigrade and the output will diminish when they heat up.

The rated output figures are rated of 1000 watts/sqm energy from sun light at a 90 degree angle. Panel performance drops off quickly in poor light. Output drops by 30% if the panel is angled 45%, by 40% in light overcast condition and 80% by when its heavily overcast.

The facts are that solar panel only produces its full power under very rare condition.

Silentwind drives Swimming Pool Pumps

To reduce electricity costs customers are using Silentwind in conjunction with a 12V battery to run 12V swimming pool pumps 24hours/day.